Der portable Messempfänger aus der GPR-4000er Serie des Herstellers Chase arbeitet im Frequenzbereich von 68 bis 230 MHz, also im Ton-/Rundfunkbereich.
Eingesetzt wird er zur Planung und Wartung mobiler Kommunikationsnetzwerke.
Ausgestattet ist der Empfänger mit einer RS-232 Schnittstelle.

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English translation of German description:
The portable Measuring Receiver model GPR-4201 made by chase works in the frequency range of 68 MHz to 230 MHz. It allows measurements and spectrum scanning for mobile communication network planning or maintenance.
Equipped with an RS232 interface.

The front panel display allows access to all parameters and features of the unit and it has variable contrast to facilitate use in all lighting conditions. A signal level can be displayed numerically in selected units. For trend indications a bar graph indicates the level over the 84dB dynamic range of the receiver (130dB using internal automatic RF and IF attenuator). All main parameters: tuned frequency, measurement bandwidth, RF detector and time constants are displayed. The squelch threshold is indicated on the bar graph and can be conveniently set from the front panel.
The modulation level of speech transmissions can be measured dynamically under operational conditions. A direct reading of FM deviation or peak AM percentage is displayed.
Direct Field Strength Readings in dBµV/m.
Antenna factors are automatically added to the field strength reading when standard antennas are used.
For measurements on the move it is critical to have fast transfer of calibrated signal strength data. The GPR 4000 series can sample at a rate of 200/second allowing signal strengths to be captured accurately.
These measurements can be transferred over RS232.
In their scanning mode the GPR 4000 receivers can scan sequentially from any selected start frequency to any stop frequency within their range. The scan is automatically stopped on any frequency with a signal level above a specified threshold. Variable dwell and hold times can also be selected. Up to 100 frequencies can be locked out during scanning.
Priority channels allow any two frequencies to be monitored on a regular basis as a background task of the receiver. Each priority channel has a variable sampling time. In priority mode, as soon as a selected signal is present the receiver automatically holds on that frequency and indicates its measurement. This facility is ideal for tracing and monitoring intermittent or illegal signals whilst allowing normal measurement operations.
At the press of a button all receiver settings are captured and transferred immediately to memory for subsequent analysis. Up to 40 frequencies and settings can be stored and edited, each of which is displayed on a channel list.
An RS232 interface is provided for the external control of all receiver functions and the transfer of all measurement data.
Two isolated, squelch operated change-over relays are provided to allow for simple remote monitoring, such as tape recorder switching, without the need of a controller.

  • 68 to 230 MHz Frequency Range, extendable
  • Typical ±0.5 dB accuracy
  • Light and truly portable
  • Direct reading of signal strength
  • Industry standard performance and
    market acceptance
  • AM/FM Modulation Measurements
  • 80 dB plus dynamic range
  • High sensitivity
  • High shielding and blocking
  • Frequency scanning and memory
  • 40 set up memories
  • 100 frequency memories (lock out)
  • 2 priority channels
  • Overload warnings

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Chase GPR4201

Maße/ Dimensions : 300mm (B/W) x 80mm (H/H) x 185mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 4,8 kg

Grundgeprüft / Basically tested:   1184,05 INKLUSIV MWST / 995,00 NETTO (appr. US$ .-)

Ref. #: 1275507975 Chase GPR4201
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